ASK Jagmeet Singh to make Universal Basic Income a CONDITION for supporting the Liberals

UPDATE (Sept 23, 2020): Read our Throne Speech Response here. If you'd still like to ask Jagmeet Singh to make Universal Basic Income a condition for supportng the Liberals, please use the form below!

When Parliament resumes on Sept 23, 2020, Trudeau will announce the Liberals' recovery plan. It will include updates to EI that won't go nearly far enough. It won't do anything for those living in persistent poverty and the working poor. It's not the answer to technology replacing jobs, which is speeding up during this pandemic . We must put an end to the tinkering with EI and move forward with real solutions.

Jagmeet Singh and the NDPs are supportive of basic income - and NOW is their chance to get their agenda. And with a minority government, the Liberals NEED the support of another party.

We must push Jagmeet Singh to make UBI a condition for the NDPs to support the Liberal government. Use the forms below to call, tweet, and email Jagmeet Singh and ask him to make UBI a condition for supporting the Liberals.

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Our Mission

To shift the conversation about basic income to recognize it as an economic need and economic opportunity, with the goal of seeing UBI implemented in Canada.

Our Why

We want a Canada where everyone can pursue their potential and not be held back by basic material constraints or unsafe environments.

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