Tell Your Political Representatives that Basic Income Works

Tell your local political candidates and elected representatives about the economic contribution of the Canada Child Benefit so that they understand that this national basic income has been good for the economy. Please read the summary and key highlights if you haven’t yet.

Ideas don’t die, and these facts will be remembered and even cited in debates about a basic income or the Canada Child Benefit in the future.

If we want a Canada without poverty, a revitalized and future-proofed economy, then the media needs to understand that a basic income is good for people and also good for the economy.

Implementing a basic income is not a social program, it is an economic opportunity for all Canadians!

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Our Mission

To shift the conversation about basic income to recognize it as an economic need and economic opportunity, with the goal of seeing UBI implemented in Canada.

Our Why

We want a Canada where everyone can pursue their potential and not be held back by basic material constraints or unsafe environments.

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