Canada has a national-scale unconditional basic income in place for people with children, it is called the Canada Child Benefit. It’s good for families and it is good for the economy. This new paper released Sept 19, 2019 by the Canadian Center for Economic Analysis shows us how it works.

Economic Contribution of the Canada Child Benefit: A Basic Income Guarantee for Canadian Families with Children
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Key Stats

It's Good For The Economy
  • CCB contributes $46B annually to the Canadian economy – exceeding the economy of Nova Scotia
  • CCB related spending drives $85B / year in revenues & $18B in gross profits to businesses
  • 453,000 full-time equivalent jobs are contributed by the CCB, 2.5% of the Canadian labour force
  • Every dollar invested drives $2 of GDP and more than 55 cents of it recouped in taxes from economic activity
  • Drives $4 of GDP for every dollar it costs
  • Has caused $27B in private capital investment and and $77B in wage growth since inception
It's Good For Families
  • Keeps 588,000 children and 250,000 families out of poverty & raises family incomes of another 750,000 children above $20,000 / year
  • Grew the middle class: median incomes for families with one child up by almost $4,000 / year and families with four children up by nearly 19,000
  • For the more than half of the recipients whose household’s earn more than $60,000 / year, the CCB helps keep them in the middle class.
  • Better access to nutritious food and improved physical, mental, and cognitive health outcomes, mean that these children will do better in school and in life
Canada Has Demonstrated A National-Scale Basic Income
  • Over 400,000 families are receiving more than $1,000 / month
  • Over 225,000 families are receiving more then $1,400 / month
  • 100,000 low income single moms are receiving $1,000 / month
  • 1.1M families are receiving more than $600 / month
  • 67% of Canadian families are helped with CCB
  • 90% of children under 18 are in families that get CCB
  • Canada has had 3 years (since CCB payment expansion) of economic growth, low inflation, and more people working with unemployment levels at 40 year lows.

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Key Highlights From The Report

The Canada Child Benefit is a Basic Income for Families, which:

Can be said to provide economic stimulus to the Canadian economy while supporting families with the cost of raising children. This contribution is significant in terms of GDP and employment, and the program may yet prove to have longer-term socio-economic benefits on the future population. In the shorter term, it can already be said to alleviate poverty, enabling more families to reach the middle class.

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Why We Should Have Full Basic Income In Canada

Canada’s Basic Income for Families has had a massive impact on reducing child poverty, look below and notice the shift in # of children toward the right of the graph because of the CCB. 588,00 children now are kept above poverty thanks to the CCB.  

1.4M children still live in poverty (market basket measure) in Canada even with the Canada Child Benefit in place, that’s the mid-blue in the chart below.

A full basic income for every individual adult in Canada, would eliminate poverty and grow the economy. It is a program that insures mutual prosperity for all.

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