Canadians need Cash Relief for Food & Gas

Food, gas, and living costs are up. Wages aren't. Canadians need direct cash relief now.

June 27, 2022

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Our paycheques are melting to inflation.

Food prices are up 10%, gas is up over 50%, and housing costs rise with no end in sight – while average wages are up only 3%. 1 in 4 Canadians are eating less because there isn’t enough money for food, while 1 in 5 Canadians went hungry at least once since 2020. People everywhere are being squeezed by inflation and flat wages.

Inflation disproportionately hurts working families and those with low incomes. They need cash relief now.

We’ve launched a petition (see below) calling on our government to support Canadians with direct cash relief to help with these new added costs. It would ease the pain of inflation by making sure everyone can meet the rising cost of living.

The most effective thing we can do is put cash into the hands who people who need it most. We know this is better at helping with affordability than price controls or tax relief, which subsidizes those who don’t need it.

Manitoba already has a cash relief program that’s helping thousands of households with housing costs. Quebec introduced a $500 cost-of-living tax credit for everyone making less than $105K, and the UK has rolled out a similar £650 cost-of-living payment for 8 million households to help with living expenses. Alaska is giving every resident a $650 energy cheque plus a $2,550 dividend from their oil wealth, while California is considering a $400 gas cash relief

Programs like the Canada Workers Benefit – which leaves out millions of people who need cost-of-living support including students, unemployed, and middle income workers – prove that we already have the systems in place to provide cash relief to those whose paycheques aren’t enough. What we need now is a simple program, designed like a basic income guarantee, which provides automatic and direct income support for those who need it most.

Sign the petition and tell your representatives and our government that Canadians demand direct cash relief now.

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