Consensus Statement on a Basic Income Guarantee

February 23, 2023


(February 2023)

This statement represents the wide consensus of the basic income movement in Canada, endorsed by Basic Income Canada Network/Réseau canadien pour le revenu garanti, Coalition Canada basic income - revenu de base, and UBI Works at the national level, and supported by many regional and local basic income groups, and other allies, regarding the key characteristics of a desirable basic income guarantee. It does not provide a detailed design but sets out the parameters to which any basic income guarantee must adhere in order to be acceptable.

Core Elements

• The basic income guarantee will be available for citizens and residents of Canada, aged 18 to 64 years.

• Benefits will be sufficient to cover basic needs and ensure that no one falls into poverty.

• Benefit amounts will be determined based on taxable income with provisions to rapidly accommodate significant changes in income and family composition.

• Benefits will be reduced gradually as other taxable income increases.

• Benefits will be paid on a regular schedule (e.g., bi-weekly, or monthly).

• Benefits will be paid to individuals.

• No behavioural conditions will be applied (e.g. work requirements, education, life skills training, etc.).

• Application and registration processes will be accessible and accommodate the range of capabilities and circumstances among citizens and residents.


• The basic income guarantee will be designed based on collaboration among federal and provincial and territorial governments, and Indigenous peoples – First Nations, Metis, and Inuit.

• The basic income will be guaranteed by the federal government based on legislation which establishes it as a right.

• Municipal governments are acknowledged as important advocates for a basic income.

Other Programs

• The basic income guarantee should be an essential component of broad publicly funded universal supports and services.

• The basic income guarantee will not replace any publicly delivered social, health or educational services.

• The basic income guarantee will not restrict access to any current or future benefits meant to meet special, exceptional, or other distinct needs and goals beyond basic needs.


Revenues required for a basic income model will be developed based on two principles:

• Tax fairness.

• Contribution to lowering income and wealth inequality.

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