Backers & Believers

Andrew Yang, US Presidential Candidate, Venture for America Founder

James Tonn, Exponential Ventures Founder, formerly CEO of Podium Publishing

Alon Ozery, CEO of Ozery Bakery, We make natural pitas, flatbreads and alternative buns sold in North America.

Giovanni Marsico, Creator & CEO ArchAngel Summit, 1000+ attendee conference of visionary leaders and entrepreneurs

James Wallace, Exponential Ventures Co-Founder, Former CEO Tribe OS, Digital Advertising Platform

Steve Hulford, CEO Underknown, Creator of WhatIF, INSH, video channels: 1.1B watched minutes

Steve Dyck, President of Guelph Solar, Clean Energy for your Home and Business.

Phil Carvaglio, Co-Founder of Precision Nutrition, Home of the World’s Top Nutrition Coaches.

Sunny Verma, CEO & Founder Tutor Bright, Tutoring Service That Gives Your Child An Academic & Mentorship Plan

Peter Cameron, Acting Executive Director Ontario Co-operative Association

Michael Schwanzer, CEO & Founder of Zeitdice

Robin Boadway, Professor of Economics at Queen’s University

Paul Vallee, CEO of Pythian, Technology Services Company specializing in AI & Cloud Infrastructure

Barbara Boraks,  Executive Director, Christian Jewish Dialogue of TorontoSteering Committee member

Mike Perry, Lawyer, Executive Director, City of Kawartha Lakes Family Health Team

Rob Rainer, Councilor, Tay Valley Township

Mike Brcic,  CEO Sacred Rides, “#1 Mountain Bike Tour Company on Earth” – National Geographic Adventure

Aaron Lowell, CEO Cannex, Pricing Information for Annuity and Bank Products Across North America

Sol Orwell, CEO Examine, Nutrition and Supplement Information Based on Science

Yafa Sakkejha, CEO Beneplan, Chief Executive Officer of Beneplan, Insurance

Steven Dyck, President Guelphsolar, Green Party of Canada MP Candidate

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Our Mission

To shift the conversation about basic income to recognize it as an economic need and economic opportunity, with the goal of seeing UBI implemented in Canada.

Our Why

We want a Canada where everyone can pursue their potential and not be held back by basic material constraints or unsafe environments.

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